Travel writing tips

Gathering Information About Destinations Hi Roy - I'm wondering how you gather the information about any given destination. Finally, I don't write hotel reviews for places I stay on press trips.

Tips for travel writing

After your first round of edits, repeat the process. How long should I wait to hear back from the editor. When you were there, you experienced it with all five senses. The students of mine at New York University who have been most successful were not always the most talented in the class. If there is a hook — a new trend, discovery or angle — make that clear within the first few paragraphs.

Do you think a professional magazine editor would be interested. Travel is not perfect, even on a press trip. Which cafe, on what street, overlooking what view. High paying magazines are very competitive. It helps to know what they have published in the last year so you don't propose a repetitive story.

Avoid tales of personal mishaps — missed buses, diarrhoea, rain — unless pertinent to the story. It just happens like magic sometimes. I also asked for a wake-up call at 6: And not all at once: Perhaps you are a woman physician travelling alone through China.

I simply leave them out of the story. He gave the example of traveling in wine country and then writing a piece about what ELSE you can do there, aside from wine related activities.

I wrote an article about travel shows where you can find more detailed information. Creatives tend to be perfectionists.

Finally, learn to self-edit.

Tips for travel writing

Suddenly more markets open up. Editors need to have confidence in you and that needs to radiate off the page since it may be the first time they have heard from you. The piece should flow, but don't tell the entire trip chronologically, cherry pick the best bits, anecdotes and descriptions, that will tell the story for you.

Here are my best travel writing tips in answer to questions I've received from travel writers: Gathering Information About Destinations. Hi Roy - I'm wondering how you. Like any skill, writing takes practice and dedication. Travelling as a writer is very different from travelling as a traveller.

You must learn to record the sights, sounds and smells of a country. UK travel publications ranked by readership 07 January on travel writing tips As explained in this post, if you want to become a travel writer it's important to keep up with the industry. Travel Writing On Location is a community for travel writers.

Top 10 travel writing tips

Whether you're a travel blogger, professional travel journalist or want to learn how to become a travel writer, you'll find tips and advice you can use to grow your career. 10 Travel Writing Tips By Johanna February 1, Western Australia is a great place to spot Dolphins. Try Monkey Mia and Bunbury for starters.

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Travel writing tips
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Travel Writing Tips for Beginners: How to Structure Your Travel Tales - Dave Fox's Globejotting