Corporate religious experience essay

The most famous example of this is the conversion of Saul when he was on his way to persecute Christians in Damascus because of their faith, but on his way, while he was planning on how to torture them he was stuck down.

Sometimes the experience is described in terms of visions, voices and bright lights 4. Moreover her intellectual vision can seem to have been explained and made redundant by the psychological explanations. This sociological challenge paragraph is a bit general and could have been either left out or related more clearly to the notion of a common core.

However, many philosophers have problems with the assumption that religious experiences share a common core, and moreover that they are veridical. Freud called religious experiences wish fulfilment, referring to religion as: Sometimes the experience is described in terms of visions, voices and bright lights 4.

James claims that religious experiences occur when one Corporate religious experience essay themselves to the divine; their experience is passive, ineffable, noetic and transient. Michael Palmer criticises Freud, asking how the Oedipus complex applies to religions where people believe in multiple gods.

For example, if an individual claims that a particular experience, such as God telling someone that they are ill and must receive help, then the individual goes to receive help, then the individual goes to receive this help and upon discovers he or she has a brain tumour.

Discuss the view that religious experiences must be true because there is a common core to all of them. Do they show the fruit of the Spirit: This is a conclusion that follows organically from what has been written, and is thus a good one.

One of the best examples of this is the Toronto Blessing ofwhereby many people who visited a Pentecostal church went through strange religious experiences, from speaking in tongues glossolaliato laughing hysterically, to barking like dogs.

In addition a more recent corporate experience is the Toronto blessing, where people all felt the same euphoric sensation and experienced uncontrollable laughter.

They have a desire to talk to others and share their experience 5. Therefore if someone claims to have a religious experience, there is no reason why we should doubt them and it is reasonable to conclude from them that God or some other higher entity does indeed exist.

He found that all religious experiences could fit into four categories.

'Corporate religious experiences prove the existence of God' Discuss

As discussed earlier, corporate religious experiences are experiences, experienced by a body of people. The theist claims the objective core of all religious experience is God. She suggested that if the experience did not have these effects it was a sign that the experience was not from god but from the devil i.

He remains an awesome and holy God.

Religious Experience essay by a student

They can be either individual and subject or corporate experiences. As a result of this assumption, religious experiences should be given the same basic validity as other sorts of experiences. People claim to have experienced God directly.

Objections Sceptics suggest that it was more likely to be mass hysteria Some people may say that they can see and hear something and others might want to join in to be part of something Many have suggested that in the case of the Toronto Blessings it may have been caused by a whipped-up hysteria in a heightened emotional atmosphere, rather than by the Holy Spirit Some critics suggest that these experience do not match with sacred texts and what is revealed about God i.

Marx gave four particular images to enforce his argument: He argued that everything which we are is based on something else; x leads to y, which in itself enforces x. Are they edifying and up-building, or selfish and destructive. Therefore psychology has an answer and not James.

Corporate religious experience

Swinburne refutes Marx in this way claiming that religion is more than a manipulative force, as there is a lasting effect on people that transcends the sways and forces of society. Freud likened his totem idea to the act of communion, and said that God is the ultimate totem.

This event is supports the view that religious experience can provide a basic belief in a powerful being.

Corporate religious experience

For example, experiments with the psychoactive drug LSD have found similar effects to those found in religious experience, inferring the experience is simply an illusion created by chemicals in our physical brain.

He referred to God as a universal archetype, and said that a belief in God is part of the collective unconscious which all humans share. He simply argued that two opposing religious experiences cancel one another out and discredit them.

Some experiences can be personal, or others non-personal such as the word of God through passages in the Bible. One thing that he suggested was that there are four main aspects of a religious experience: Hank Hanegraaff argues that such phenomena are the result of mass hypnosis William Sergeant argued that mass religious conversions are down to conditioning Christian psychiatrist John White refers to corporate experiences as: Marx gave four particular images to enforce his argument: The person feels a sense of peace and joy and they lose their worries.

Some arguments against the veracity of religious experience accepts that they have a common core, yet dismiss the idea that this core has objective origins in the divine or numinous.

Inspired by the young Hegelians, Marx claims religion simply acts as an opiate of the masses. Analyse the essential ideas in the argument for the existence of God based on religious experience. Corporate experiences - Swinburne. Public/shared R/E - often result in change of behaviour, lifestyle or attitude - conversion link; Subsequent phenomena in these meetings i.e Toronto Blessing - uncontrollable laughing weeping, roaring as holy spirit descended upon them.

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More info. Praise for Peped “I’m just so grateful without your site I. Corporate religious experiences are when several different people all have the same, Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the argument for the existence of God based on religious experience.

(18) Essay Religious experience can be used as evidence for the existence of God’ A religious experience is an encounter with God when you. May 23,  · A2 Religious Studies: Religious Experiences (and one who should always be mentioned) was William James, who wrote Varieties of Religious Experience.

He broadly defined religious experiences as: "The feelings, a question may ask about how valid corporate or individual religious experiences are. Corporate experiences are.


'Corporate religious experiences prove the existence of God' Discuss Advantages Firstly, briefly in the introduction describe what a corporate religious experience is and with an example: Toronto blessing is a well known one.

Religious experience is the self witness or experience of God's Holy Spirit, or other mystical experiences.

It is a non empirical occurrence and may be super natural.

Religious Experience essay by a student

It can be an experience such as a phenomenon or a sense of mystery of a divine power/5(9).

Corporate religious experience essay
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